The doer, the bystander, and the clueless: the three people fighting inside you!

Someone once told me that there are three kinds of people in the world. I don’t believe that. I think the three kinds of people he was talking about live inside each one of us. One of them makes things happen, one of them watches things happen, and the last one asks what happened.

The doer

This version of you is most decidedly the best version we can all wish we were. This version of you is irreverent. He does not ask for permission, he is a problem solver and does not require much to act. Discomfort is where this version of you thrives. Adversity fuels his actions. When people say that something cannot be done, he takes on the challenge. This version of you fails most of the times, but his wins are epic.

The bystander

This is the version most people allow to shine. Oh, that new venture is too risky! The boss will be unhappy with that decision. Oh, it’s not my fault, the boss said to do it that way. I am sure you can see all the things that are wrong with this version of you. He evades responsibility, always looking for someone to blame. Late to a meeting? It’s the fault of the taxi driver or traffic. He loves the sidelines.

For fear of making mistakes. He hides behind his need for things to be perfect. He has a book full of ideas with no action taken. He is the perpetual observer. This version of you finds fault with anything anyone does. He plays the devil’s advocate in meetings. He complains loudly but takes no action. He does not often fail, but he does not succeed either. He lives a mediocre life, preferring a “no-loss” to a potential win. He relishes in the failure of others. He loves to say I told you so.

The Clueless!

This version can only be referred to appropriately as “Médecin après la mort”, meaning Dr. Too Late. The perpetual clueless in you has a willful tendency to always ignore innovation and creativity. Always showing up late to the party. He has a big fear of everything, even bigger than the bystander’s. Oh I thought that was not going anywhere! That idea sounded too crazy to stand a chance of success. The clueless is a master excuse-maker. He finds excuses where there are none. Some of those excuses are so outlandish they take more work than the actual action itself. He pretends not to pay attention. That’s how he gets by.  If he does not know something is happening, he does not have to do anything about it.

The question here is not which version of you is better. The question is which version of you are you going to favor in this unpredictable game called life? The ball is in your court.