Hey there,

sessi-koffiI am Koffi Alain Sessi. I am passionate about communications, rhetoric, all things design, and branding. I love street photography and find myself quite often taking pictures of old buildings. I work for an online technology education company, where I help democratize professional technology learning.

My personal mission is to inspire better communications. I have a branding and training company called Volta Communications, LLC. My company's mission is in perfect alignment with my personal mission.

This blog is my little corner of the Internet. I use it to share my views and opinions on topics that are important to me. Pet peeves, book list, and other topics related to communications, branding, and design. Eventually, some of my experiences as a technology education professional will make it into my posts.

The frequency of my posts may vary wildly depending on my priorities of the moment. This corner of the web is my canvas. Some of my ideas may prove brilliant, some may prove less so, and others may prove outright garbage. I guess the point I am trying to make is that these ideas will sometimes infuriate you, and some other times delight you. Whatever the case may be, welcome to my little corner of the web.